Our team has years of experience and can help you to get on the track to provide a more holistic and thorough experience for all of your customers. With the lowest price in the business, Pay Per Head is the obvious choice for you.

Why every bookie needs to use Pay Per Head Pay per head software is something that hasn’t yet been taken up by all bookies, and this fact is shocking.

PPH software is designed to make everything easier for anyone involved in the betting process, whether you’re the bookies or the customer.

Here’s exactly how PPH software makes everything easier, and what it could do for you. Adjustable odds
One of the major features of PPH software is the adjusting odds. As the match or race goes on, it can often become clear that the result isn’t going how you initially expected it and your initial odds could become severely outdated. In cases like this, you’re likely to make significant losses as a bookmaker, but it can be avoided by using Pay Per Head software.

These have consistently updating odds which means that you won’t get caught out, and it’s good for your customers because someone wanting to bet on the outsider could have a much better chance of better odds. It’s a win-win! Live scoring updates With the state of streaming online and everything being on-demand, there is a much higher demand for immediate information.

That’s why Pay Per Head’s live scoring software can be perfect for any modern bookie. Not only will your customers have instant information and scores for any match that’s going on, but they can keep updated with injuries and live stats too.

This can make your bookies far more attractive to your customers and keep bringing people back for more! People like to make informed bets, and with Pay Per Head, your customers can be more informed than ever before.

A huge range of sports If your customers love horse racing, Pay Per Head is a great horse racing software for bookies. It is also a great basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball software. A huge variety of sports are featured on Pay Per Head, meaning that you can pull in customers from a great variety of markets.

For any bookie, it makes sense to offer as much as you can, and with Pay Per Head you can do exactly that. If you’re interested in Pay Per Head, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.